Your food choices each day affect your health; how you feel today, tomorrow, and in the future. Good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Combined with physical activity, your diet can help you to reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer and promote your overall health. The link between good nutrition and healthy weight, reduced chronic disease risk, and overall health is too important to ignore. By taking steps to eat healthy, you'll be on your way to getting the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy, active and strong. And it's easier than you think!


Food supplements typically supply vitamins, minerals, proteins or other helpful nutrients. They do not replace the variety of foods important to a healthy diet, but are intended to 'supplement' the diet when needed. Contact me today for a price list.

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"What Herbalife did for me" - Our stories: Renata and David


My story - lost over a stone

"I first discovered Herbalife several years ago when I had decided to improve my nutrition. I wasn't looking to lose weight at the time but I had such a good result and ended up losing over a stone - I was converted and haven't looked back since! In addition to the nutritional benefits of all the different products, I also liked the idea of earning a living by helping people become healthier through the principles of good nutrition, exercise and a balanced diet. This fitted perfectly around my other commitments - I love the flexibility and freedom that Herbalife gives me. Above all I love helping others feel fantastic and get the results they have always wanted! It’s so exciting to see people change, it inspired me to become an Advanced Sports & Exercise Nutritional Advisor to compliment my Personal Training! It's the best thing I have ever done.


With Herbalife, I really do help to make a difference in people's lives - be that through the results people get using the products or through attending my fitness classes.





  • 3-Day trial: Take our 3-Day trial and discover how you can lose weight and gain a healthy active lifestyle, great nutrition and hands-on support.
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David's story - lost over 8 stone

I have been on a phenomenal journey these past few years, having lost over 8 stone since I first started on Herbalife (that's almost the equivalent of a whole Renata!). Heavily overweight, back in 2008, I was walking up the stairs and felt so out of breath, unfit and unhealthy that I feared I would have a heart attack. Determined this time to tackle the problem, I started on Herbalife with, it has to be said, a certain amount of scepticism. I didn't think the shakes would fill me up, but I was pleasantly surprised.


I stuck to the plan and was inspired to see the weight dropping off - by the end of that year I had dropped an amazing 5 stone.


Losing the weight also gave me the confidence to address my fitness issues and introduce exercise into my routine. I continued to lose weight steadily and now several years later, I've kept the weight off and still use Herbalife to maintain my good nutrition. I've also recently started metafit! I'm probably the fittest and healthiest I have been for years and Herbalife helped me to discover the person that I am today."



Book your body composition analysis today!


I would love to help you become a better version of yourself so why not start with your body analysis? I will calculate your BMI, percentage body fat, resting metabolic rate, metabolic age, hydration, visceral fat, and more. You might be amazed at the results! Please contact me for further information, for product advice and help.